City Necessities

Vehicle Stickers

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All Chicago residents driving, parking, leasing and/or owning a vehicle for which they are responsible in the City of Chicago are subject to the Chicago Wheel Tax and must purchase a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker.

Dog Registration

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Registering your dog with the City of Chicago may help us locate your dog in the event it gets lost. The person who finds your dog simply calls our office at 312-744-DOGS with your dog emblem number (on your dog’s tag).

Daily Passes

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Chicago residents living within an established Residential Parking Zone may be eligible to include a Zone Number on their City Sticker and/or purchase Chicago residential Parking Daily Permits, which are guest passes that are valid for 24 hours upon the date and time of display.

City Sticker

Purchasing a sticker is easy. Start with the basics.

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Your Contribution

Quite Simply, your funds helps the city serve you better

Whether you drive, bike, or walk, your purchases pave the way for the city to better serve our residents’ needs. Download Chicago’s 311 app to find and schedule a city service. The city provides a multitude of services ranging from garbage collection to lead inspections to well-being checks on elderly neighbors. Find the one that meets your need.

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Find a convenient location

The Office of the City Clerk (OCC) has three locations in Chicago. Our main location is located in City Hall at 121 N LaSalle St Room 107, Chicago, IL 60602

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Chicago CityKey

The OCC offers a unique city ID card to help our residents gain greater access to city and commercial services. Anyone within city limits can apply for a key.

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Chicago Rx Card

To help ease the strain of high pharmacy costs, the OCC partnered with pharmacies throughout the city to offer additional savings. Apply and get a free Chicago Rx Card.

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Mobile City Hall

We get it. Coming to us can be inconvenient. So let us come to you! Our Mobile City Hall brings services and products to neighbhorhoods around the city.